GRC Consulting

We are dedicated to providing risk consulting and advisory services. We leverage our diverse background and broad risk management experience and entrepreneurial spirit

eGRC.COM is a global consulting practice dedicated to providing Risk Consulting and Advisory Services. We leverage our diverse background and broad risk management experience, entrepreneurial spirit, full service capabilities and extraordinary responsiveness to deliver exceptional value to companies and organizations throughout the world.

eGRC Strategic Roadmap

Let eGRC.COM help you document your current state environment and provide a trajectory and flight path for achieving your eGRC Strategic goals. The output will provide senior management with the decisions that they need to make and the associated outcomes.

eGRC Implementation Roadmap

Once you have determined your strategic direction, implementation becomes the next important deliverable to tackle. Implementation roadmaps will identify gaps, dependencies, points of integration and other steps necessary for a successful integration.

Enterprise Management

Second to Policy Management, your business hierarchy is the most important requirement; eGRC.COM will help you understand how to align your business to your risks and report in a fashion that is consumable by a broad internal audience.

Risk Management

Risk Management eGRC.COM will help you get your Enterprise Risk Management processes documented, improved and managed within the risk solution. Our team understands the many faces of risk and their associated requirements.

Vendor Management

Vendor risk is top of the mind for most executives now. Let eGRC.COM help you implement a repeatable, measurable Vendor Management program with the right reporting for all parties.

Incident Management

In the midst of a crisis, your plan should be the last thing that you are worrying about.

Compliance Management

Whether you are managing one compliance initiative or one hundred initiatives, eGRC.COM can help you turbo charge those initiatives and leverage the power of the Archer compliance solution.

Policy Management

Policy and enterprise are the foundation of your eGRC solution, but first there are many questions to answer: How do I roll these out enterprise-wide? Should I adopt a group of policies, how am I going to train employees on these? Let eGRC.COM help you answer these questions.

Audit Management

Capture your audit program from planning and time keeping to reporting and look back reporting with the audit management solution and eGRC.COM.

Business Continuity Management

Continuity and recoverability are the unspoken risks of every business. With the BCM solution and eGRC.COM you can plan and execute everything from international BIA to call trees, disaster recovery and resumption plans.

Threat Management

Threats and vulnerabilities are everywhere and the complex data you must capture and analyze grows by the day. Let eGRC.COM help you increase the sound to noise ratio and sort through the real risks to your organization.

Custom Application Development

eGRC.COM can help optimize your existing custom solution or create a new one from scratch utilizing our expert in-house Archer developers, API developers and Data Feed Management SME’s. Every request will be delivered from H.R. solutions to Objectives Management, let us help you with your custom solution.

Archer Virtual Administrator (AVM)

Did your Administrator just leave you in a lurch or are you short handed for an upcoming migration? AVM provides real world Archer experience at a reasonable price. This resource will help with your short or mid term Archer needs with a 4-hour SLA and decades of combined Archer experience in our resource pool. Not to be confused with a project consultant AVM’s will tackle your heavy workload and eliminate your operational burden all while providing you reports of hours expended. If you understand Archer and you know what you want AVM is the solution for you.